My name is Sergio Scarano Jr, professor at Universidade Federal de Sergipe/Brazil and researcher in Extragalactic Astronomy. I worked as Resident Astronomer at SOAR Telescope during three years and I completed my Post-Doc at University of Sao Paulo (USP), Brazil, where  I graduated in Physics and then I got the Master's and the Ph.D. in Astrophysics. At the moment I do research on Galactic and Extragalactic Astronomy, particularly on bars and arms of spiral galaxies. My research interests are the effects of the spiral structure on the chemical abundance, the velocity fields and rotation curves of spiral galaxies. Besides, I study the connection between the chemical evolution of spiral galaxies and the star formation rate induced by the spiral arms. As a consequence of these works I investigate questions related to fundamental parameters of galactic disks as their spatial orientation and warps. Observational and theoretical approaches are used to conduct these studies. I have experience in Optic and Radio observations as well I have some skills on writting codes for simulations and data reduction. I am PI of several proposes approved for observations at  SOAR, GEMINI, OPD and GMRT telescopes, with projects that include photometry, spectroscopy and aperture synthesis of spiral galaxies. I also investigate the chemical evolution in compact groups of galaxies. Earlier I was involved with Instrumentation in Physics at the Particle and Intrumentation Laboratory (LIP-USP), where I worked with mass spectroscopy of biomolecules using PDMS and MALDI techniques. Concerning the Instrumentation for Astronomy I collaborated in the first mechanical projects of SIFS spectrograph, which is being commissioned at SOAR telescope. In parallel I worked in SIFS data reduction software. After this I got involved with the software group of the Brazilian Tunable Filter Imager (BTFI), which is also under commissioning at SOAR.


Sergio Scarano Jr - Colina el Pino, s/n, Recinto AURA, La Serena, Chile.

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